Game Development

Do you wish to have a game in your brand name? Come let’s realize your idea. Come visit or contact our game development studio in Cochin. We have a group of talented game artist and developers who can realize your creative ideas into game. We do create games of all types raging from simple casual game to high end vr and ar games to wide platforms.

Board Games

Bored of conventional board games? Ever wish to have all these conventional board games to digital form and carry it in your smart phones and devices? Thrilok it service has the solution for you. We do develop board games which creates amazing player experience like ludo and chess. Do You have any idea in your mind regarding a board game come lets discuss and shape your idea into reality.

Card Games

Are you a casino owner or fond of card games need some good collection of card games. Card games are allways refreshing the best time killer around the world. Thrilok It service develops wide verities of card games like solitaire, yono and other casino based card games. Come vist our studio and let’s discuss and shape your ideas into reality.

Racing Games

Fond of racing games like asphalt and nfs? Racing with your vehicle in the streets and track is the great dream of every person. We will make racing games for you. Racing games are allways the best grossing games in the world. Thought of making such games in your brand name. Thrilok it services has the solution. Come together let’s color your ideas.

VR Games

Fond of reality games using ar and vr technologies? We have the solution for you.We thrilok it service create immersive life like reality experience for the players through our ar-vr game solutions. We develop ar vr games like ar-vr fps, vr racing, ar-vr rpg.

Fun Games

Like playing games like duck hunt, archery?We have the solution for you. We are the leading developers in the fun game industry . like endless arcade games . platform runner games . puzzle games both in 3d and 2d. . Hyper casual games